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Ximena Huertas is a fashion designer, specializing in the male gender.
Art, fashion, music, technology are the basis of your life experience. Your way of being, thinking, feeling, expressing communicate.
Her technique in illustration is watercolor, pastel in pencil, colored pencils and charcoal. 
The experience of drawing, painting is for Ximena Huertas a total complete sensation of tranquility and relaxation


Ximena huertas

Ximena Huertas graduated as a fashion designer specializing in male gender in the year 1996.

The trend in the fashion that she manages was created by her and consists of a process that allows to intercommunicate integrated electronic and magnetic circuits with optical, synthetic or natural fibers creating a concept of image and masculine illustration in 2d and 3d. This trend is the special line for fans of electronic music, lovers of writing, videos and fans of fashion

Respects and admires the classic clothing that represents masculinity, adds it to his designs and illustrations making this mixture his trend which is aimed at a select group belonging to the digital era,Therefore, its collections are circumstantial, determining Ximena Huertas as an elite brand in an era of different consciousness.

Currently his creativity is represented in his illustrations of men’s and women’s fashion in the categories: Home decoration, Accessories. Art, crafts and stationery.


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