Music is the great passion of Ximena Huertas. This passion has led her to make the decision to complement her lifestyle as a fashion designer and unite it with fashion and art. The instruments that most capture your senses are: the traditional harp and the laser harp, the castanets, the synthesizer, the marimba and the Odaiko. This has to have a certain inclination to the danceable sounds of African percussion as is the tribal, the influence of the Disco era with instruments such as saxophone and piano in the ending Funky, the exquisite French touch of Dance and Club House; But he likes to combine sounds with elaborate and robotic sounds without neglecting any musical genre and that of all is built, this translates into an atmosphere of pure exaltation accompanied by an image of sophistication, energy, joy, fun and entertainment.

Ximena Huertas is the first woman to produce electronic music in Colombia. His tracks are published in all the digital stores of the world. He has divulged more than 100 tracks.Motivating her to publish her first digital record label “SsaSaky Music” 2010 – Her current label Lipstick Recordings 2014.

Ximena Huertas selected the sites of their presentations, aiming to deliver their publication, the best choice of music with a touch of relaxation, sensuality, style, energy and transmutation; with the sole purpose of entertaining, brightening, and renewing thought through rhythms of explosive energy of natural and outdoor environments.


  1. Set Music # 010 Podcast Ximena Huertas
  2. Set MuSic #005 Podcast Ximena Huertas
  3. Set MuSic #004 Podcast Ximena Huertas


  1. New Deep Sound Ximena Huertas
  1. Pure Vice (Fashion mix) Ximena Huertas
  1. Your Heart Is Mine (Original Mix) Ximena Huertas
  1. INTERIOR CRY (Original Mix) Ximena Huertas
  2. TRANCEMISSION (Original Mix) Ximena Huertas
  1. Illustration Deep (Original mix) Ximena Huertas
  1. PRESSURE Devin Vask, Mark Delgado
  2. PRESSURE ( Remix) Ximena Huertas
  1. XIME RETURN (Original Mix) Ximena Huertas
  2. DANCING IN THE AIR Club Mix Ximena Huertas
  1. SATURDAY NIGHT (Remix) Ximena Huertas
  1. The Park ( remix ) Trance Ximena Huertas
  1. FREE (Original Mix) Ximena Huertas
  1. FEEL MY RHYTHM (Original Mix) Ximena Huertas


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